Monday, May 18, 2015

Talk and Presentation by the National Library

“Google can bring you back 100000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.” Neil Gaiman

As an outreach activity of the World Book Day celebrations, on 15th May 2015, two staff members of the National Library, Mr. J. Ramsamy-Librarian National Library and Mrs.Veena- Library Officer, organised a talk and a power point presentation on the “Role of Libraries in preparing students for the future” for Form 3 and F4 students.
The 40 minutes talk and presentation comprehensively aimed at providing students with an overview of all the services offered by the different libraries in Mauritius. The main topics covered were:
• Ten reasons for reading
• Defining a library and the materials provided by a library
• The 5 types of libraries
• Contents and facilities offered by the National Library
• Usefulness of libraries
• The internet versus libraries
• Job opportunities and required qualifications
The presentation was punctuated throughout by and finally ended with questions for the audience of students. Incidentally, the National Library staff members expressed keen approval of Keats College library commending it as one of the best they have yet visited. The students were reminded of how lucky they were in having such a well-stocked library at their disposal and they were urged to make optimum use of its facilities.
An enlightening talk which has certainly broadened the minds of the students with added knowledge!

Article: Miss Nafeedah Khoodaruth
Images: Mr. Rai

The Loyalty Card - Library Dept

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Ernest Hemingway

On this occasion, the library introduced its innovative Loyalty Card under the ‘Best Users System’ (B.U.S) for its best users. The Loyalty Card aims at encouraging students to visit libraries more frequently and to make optimum use of the amenities at their disposal.
The card entitles its proprietor to claim a reward after he has obtained 12 stamps on his card upon satisfying the conditions below:

• Regular attendance in the library
• Discipline in the library
• Attendance during story telling sessions
• Punctuality for library periods
• Regular borrowing of books, magazines and newspapers
• Consultation of reference books
• Respect and sharing of the library materials
• Use of the internet
• Participation in library activities
• Helping in library activities

A few well-deserved students and staff members received their cards on that day much to their palpable delight.

“Enliven your life, tell a story, read a story, better write a story”

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai

On this day, the Deputy Rector Mr. Mungly, has announced a grand event which assembles the whole Keats family in a creative endeavour. In line with his firm adage “Enliven your life, tell a story, read a story, better write a story”, Mr. Mungly has announced a major writing project of stories, articles, poems among others from students and staff members of Keats College which would be compiled into a single book. This long-term project which will soon be formally initiated, will culminate till the next World Book Day in 2016. The compilation will represent part of Keats College’s legacy to its future generations as a means of ‘Honouring the Past and Shaping the Future’. This emphasis on writing directly addresses literacy at its highest levels and appeals to the students’ creativity while triggering their imaginations. So, to your pens everyone!

Hats off to all those who worked hard in making the event the success it was: the librarians Mr. Tayab and Miss Korimbocus, Miss Pursun, Mrs. Moctee, Mrs. Mandarun and their respective teams.

Article: Miss Nafeedah Khoodaruth

World Book Day Celebration - Library Dept

With the support of the Management and the administrative department, the Library department hosted its World Book Day celebrations on the 5th of May. With Mrs. Pursun as Master of Ceremony, motivational speeches were delivered by the rector of Keats College Mr. Tony Wong, the Deputy Rector of Keats College Mr. Mungly, the Librarian Mr. Tayab. The chief guest was, the President of the PTA Mr. Soniah. We were honoured by the presence of the representative of BM Bookshop, Mr. Gokool.

The event comprised a series of animated events. Games such as Word-Play picked from a tree and general order questions delighted students and staff alike into rapid-fire thinking and prompt answering. A mini-exhibition of Art students’ work on World Book Day was displayed under the aegis of Mrs. Mandarun while a story-telling session on the story “Pinnochio” was held by two Form 1 students and their teacher Miss Khoodaruth, and a slam on book reading was presented by a Form 3 student.

The day was also characterised by rewards. Students winning the Word-Hunt competition and Quizz held by the library were rewarded as were the best users of the Library.

Article: Miss Nafeedah Khoodaruth
Images: Mr. Avish Ramgoolam