Thursday, March 12, 2015

Flag Raising Ceremony - Boys Dept

In the context of the National Day Celebration, the flag raising ceremony was conducted in the presence of our guests of honour namely: Mr. Murvin Leon ( Instructor at Joie de vivre), Mr.Azad Mohit (Educator in the Primary Education) and Mr.Hrishikesh Shiboo (Nursing Officer). Keats College was really honoured to welcome these three person since they were ex-keats students and now they are well established citizens in their respective sectors. With the collaboration of the keats staff, the ceremony was a success.

Article: Nabiilah Jannoo
Images: David Johnson

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cross Country (Girls & Boys)

The annual cross country organised by Keats College was held at St.Felix for Keats Boys and Pointe Aux Roches for Keats Girls. There were the presence of police and nursing officers and the support of all keats staff.

Article: Nabiilah Jannoo
Images: Avish Ramgoolam

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lions Club - Compost @ Girls Dept

The Governor and other personnel of Lions Club were present to assist a presentation made by the students from the Agriculture Dept on the theme "Compost" under the supervision of Miss Varouna Mihilall.

Images: Avish Ramgoolam

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exposé on Dangerous Drugs

The Keats College Health Club under the supervision of: Miss Purran, Mr.Korimbocus, Mr.Caroupunnen, Ms.Noorah and Mrs.Lee had organised a speech to create awareness against drug abuse delivered by the personnel From Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU). The students of Form 1 & 2 (mainstream and prevocational) were the targeted audience. Our deputy rector Mr.Mungly made the welcoming speech.

Article & Images: Miss Purran

Spring Festival @ Boys Dept

The Chinese New Year is one of the most prominent festivals in Mauritius. As early as dawn, the traditional fire-crackers resonate in the street corners announcing the beginning of the New Year following the Chinese lunar calendar.

Our Manager, Mr.Clement Wong and Mr.Cut have organised a party to share the chinese delicacies with the keats staff. Enjoy the pictures! Kung Shee Fat Choy!

Article: Mrs N.Jannoo
Images: Mr.Avish Ramgolam

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome Message for the new Academic Year 2015

Welcome dear colleagues and students to this academic year 2015. I wish to congratulate the returning students on their success at the last year examination. I also rejoice with the fresh students on their admission to Keats College.

It is pertinent for all new students to note that the various activities (both social and academic) engaged in while at Keats College include a holistic development of the student. Facilities offered like Moral values to ensure that our students are well prepared emotionally as well as academically together with Supplementary Classes are offered to ensure that they get a second exposure to a particular subject which they have difficulties.

New students have got the opportunity to attend the yearly orientation program conducted by the College at the beginning of their academic term. This program affords them the opportunity of meeting their teachers officially, for the first time. It is also during the first week that they will get acquainted with the college general rules and regulations, specialist rooms, libraries and sports playground.

We are also embarking on a new project this year: HSC Professional; that is Cambdridge Technicals in IT at lower 6. Those who are interested in this new adventure, there are various subject combinations which run in parallel with this new subject. You are free to make an intelligent choice as this will impact on your career! We are also welcoming lower 6 students from other colleges to do this new subject. Make your choice and you will be most welcome at Keats College!

Dear students, there is no short road to any place worth going because only a serious approach can guarantee a glorious and excellent result. That is, to be successful, the opportunity you have to study at Keats College must be consolidated with adequate preparation.

Welcome once again to all new students to the Keats Family and wish you all success in academic year 2015!

Article: Nabiilah Jannoo (Computer Educator)