Monday, March 17, 2014


Promoting the talents of our students has always been highly prioritised at Keats College. We see it as an important investment for their future. In this perspective, during the previous week an Art Exhibition was organised. It was held at the Gymnasium of Girl’s Department on the 6th and 7th March 2014, whereby selected drawings and craft works of students, from both Boy’s and Girl’s department, were on exhibition.

This exhibition was a way to show appreciation for their originality, creativity and versatility which is highly commendable. The exhibition which lasted two days attracted a great number of students who were keen to get a glimpse of their friend’s chef-d’oeuvre. It even made them realise that there is proper recognition of hardwork and creativity at the college level. On the side of teachers, we noticed their amazement at the talent and skills of our students.

I wish to thank the management for their support and would equally like to extend my warmest thanks to Art educators, attendants and non-teaching staffs.

Article & Images: Shahin MANDARUN (HOD Visual Art Dept)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Surprise

2014 is the year of celebration. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Keats College as well as the 60th birthday of a charming lady, who is considered as the Mother of all. She is the one who caters for all the needs of the students of Keats College. She supported the Keats College in all challenges since several years and is considered as one of the pillar of the college. We celebrated the 60th birthday of Mrs.Marie Joseph Moctee on Tuesday 11th March. A pleasant surprise for this beautiful lady who will always be cherished by all.

Article: Miss Dreena Arjoon
Images: Miss Sabina Noorah

Annual Independence Celebration at Keats College Boys

The Annual Flag raising ceremony was celebrated with great pompt on Tuesday 11th March 2014. Students welcomed warmly our guest of honour, Mr.Jean-Francois Lafleur, Site Manager of Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund. Mr.Lafleur is an ex-student of Keats College, who brightly succeeded academically and is an ideal role model for all students who wish to climb up the social ladder through the channel of education. The ceremony was hosted by the graceful Mrs. Reshma Lee. The students of form 2 and 3 proudly presented some poems on the national colours. Special thanks goes to the whole teaching and non-teaching staff who contributed to make the day a success.

Article: Miss Dreena Arjoon
Images: Miss Sabina Noorah